1/25/2013 Metaphor for the Day

TODAY’S METAPHOR: The image of a bonnet flying in the wind feels cold in winter and opens our hearts on a sunny Spring day, so too what we dream sits differently depending on the field it’s placed in.

My Metaphors for Today.


I decided to write daily metaphors inspired by incidents in my life.  I told a white lie about something inconsequential, but for a purpose, which everyone understood.  I told the person, as I had others, so  he knew it was … Continue reading

The Boy With the Green Hair


This is the first antiwar movie.  A boy wakes up with green hair which is used as metaphorical symbolism, and you get to watch everyone’s reactions to it.  This link is to the complete movie. http://tesla.liketelevision.com/liketelevision/tuner.php?channel=831&format=movie&theme=guide