Interesting Links

This is a link about how special your dreams are!

Increase your vocabulary and sponsors will give rice to the poor for the time you play!

Love this combination of music I found on YouTube!

Midway by Chris Jordan (This very hard to watch)

Miniature Planet

Security Cameras Around The World (this will surprise you)




2 thoughts on “Interesting Links

  1. Thank You – being an alchemist i had a question for myself as i went to bed i had a dream of which i had not had in a very long time i was lost in a city that i thought i knew well enough to find my way around this city had hills and nice neighbor hoods and places to stop into and chat or ask questions , i was looking for a certain street but no one seemed to know where it was , so i kept looking and walking and asking and thinking that my own map of this city in my head would get me there , but i was finally aware that i was lost and that i was getting further away from finding this street as the city is endless , i woke up in the dream still dreaming and said to myself that i am just going to have to wake up and end this dream as i am just lost and the answer was not here in this dream . The answer came in the morning while doing the work of calcining , grinding , dissolving and into today ‘s morning which brought the morning dew
    which nature supplied and gave me the answer .


    • I will put this under other people’s stories. It might be nice to know what your answer was and what the images mean to you before I do. If you want to give some more info, drop the whole thing on the contact page form, please.


I'm interested in hearing people's ideas about metaphors and to post other people's metaphors as well as my own!

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