This is About Making a Difference

As many of you know, it was not without difficulties that I graduated this spring with a 3.9 grade point average in a self-designed program ‘The Psychology of Creative Expression’.  I have revamped my About page, and there is much more information about myself and the difference I am attempting to make in the world.  Please take a look at it, and pass it on to others asking them to do the same.  Many of you know what it is like to get something started .  Please chime in with letting others know what I am doing. Help me make a difference!


A Place To Redefine Our Stories……Sometimes we need to separate the symptoms from the cause and put it all in a larger context where our heartbeats and not the symptoms are what counts:

P. S.  You can also find me on Linked In now                                                                                        


I'm interested in hearing people's ideas about metaphors and to post other people's metaphors as well as my own!

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