Getting Off the Plane

Sometimes my silent pre-verbal thoughts

make there way to the world I live in.

I was thinking about the lack

of Japanese people in my life

after living there for ten years.

Today, I go to the airport

where a Japanese young girl

will arrive jetlagged before us–

an unknown entity to both of us.

She will become my charge tomorrow

and in my head I plan the day.

On the phone today

someone knew someone I know

and I spat out their last name

before she brought it forward.

Wouldn’t it be strange

if I knew this person

getting off the plane or

knew people she knows.

In any case, I can

bridge the known to

the unknown city

her heart longed to meet, and

I am remembering the last time

I got off the plane from Japan.


Remember Hal of 2001

One thought on “Getting Off the Plane

I'm interested in hearing people's ideas about metaphors and to post other people's metaphors as well as my own!

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