I had an interesting experience this week. I don’t like statistics and their loopholes, so I don’t trust most of them. I put up a meme that happened to have a bunch of numbers in it, which I thought was the other side of a story and had some interesting points to it. I did it because I’m tired of polarized thinking and, even though I am liberal, I like to look at a lot of sides to things. The next thing I knew, I had someone, who later I found out from a friend was a radical from the 60s, jumping all over me. I had intentionally asked him to IM me with his opinions and what he viewed was wrong with the article. I was sincerely trying to learn from him, and even though he knew it was my Bday and I asked to talk with him the next day he pounced. I thought I was dealing with a kid from his belligerent attitude. Any attempt of mine to get some information from him he twisted into something to use for his attack. One of his moments he said to me, “Why don’t you admit you are a bigot.” In the end, I sent him an article I wrote which you can find here and on my Power of Metaphor Page called ‘Talkin Bout Differences.’ I tried to tell him how hateful his whole manner had been to someone who was sincerely trying to learn something from him. He said something to the effect that the only people I hate are those who try to take advantage of poor people, which is far from anything which I am known to be interested in. I told him how he had just taken advantage of someone who had been really sincere with him, and why was his version of hating and discrimination towards people any better? He didn’t get it.

Considering that I post memes on Facebook at least one hundred times a week with a portion being my own writing, one could think that I would occasionally post something that is not correct. I once saw someone who had a weekly radio show, think that an onion article was true, and people dumped all over him who knew him. When I posted about the psychology of tattooing as a present trend and what it might mean, people who knew me got angry because they had tats, as if I was telling them they shouldn’t have tattoos, which I had never said or even thought. Where did my freedom of speech come into their thinking or trying to understand the present times?

I have had all kinds of things happen on FB. I have often thought that I might start a page where I posed as a person of color and another where I posed as someone Asian just to see what people’s reactions are like, when they don’t think I am white. It’s interesting what goes on there, and not so interesting to see people becoming what they fight against, and being clueless about it. 

***Written in response to a Facebook friend’s status update about communication these days.  We both agreed after that if you are a writer, there are going to be people who don’t agree with you.


I'm interested in hearing people's ideas about metaphors and to post other people's metaphors as well as my own!

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