They say, “Today is a present that’s why

It’s called the present.”  hmmmmmmm

Well, what about my birthday presents

And their multiple present presence?

They sit on the table in the present.

They also have presence, especially

Since they embody things someone

Was present to in my past thoughts,

Which became the present.

A book of the complete poems 

Of  Maya Angelou–I have read

The first section, and two yellow

Japanese style bowls–

I was planning to buy more.

I have not taken them off the table

Leaving them present today,

Which is a present of another sort.

I have not chosen a place for them

In my present, so knowing their presence

Does not slip inside the past, which

Is still present, even if we don’t see it so.


I'm interested in hearing people's ideas about metaphors and to post other people's metaphors as well as my own!

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