The Touch of the World

Seamlessly melting onto

The cool of day      


                                     In me

Someone is telling me

      They didn’t mean to,

       But they did.

Someone is telling me

      What I should do, but

I can’t

       I can’t say anything–

       They have blocked me.

A locked apology

   Is none at all.

A heart opens just a little

     And then thanks me with

       With the smell of flowers on it

            Lingering and weaving through the day.

                Touching the place of no apology.

Reflection:  In the evening, looking into the pool of day, swirling like an eddy, I see the sorrow and joys of the world and not just me.



I'm interested in hearing people's ideas about metaphors and to post other people's metaphors as well as my own!

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