Why Did I Have That Dream?



Are you wondering what your dream means? Try doing this:

  • Take a sheet of eight and a half by eleven paper and fold it the long way.
  • Put the date on top
  • In the left hand column, list every element in your dream (with colors if remembered or if it was in color). List them one underneath the other giving some space between them with as much detail as possible.
  • Then go to the right column and next to each dream element put what the item means to you on its own, in and of itself. If it has a color, or tone, or it is ancient or new, how does that impress upon you.
  • Look at the total right column. Has a new story arisen for you.
  • You can make notes at the bottom about the new story that arises.
  • This will also give you an option to see if a there are dream elements that keep reoccurring, and, if so, you can make a dream dictionary for yourself.


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