This Error

Will come to lie like thunder in your heart

You cannot take love away from me,

which sits inside me while it rocks

inside the infinite!

Too strong for your faltering steps

That whisper of a journey you think

beckons, brings and evangelizes,

but will come to only longing.

None the less the whispering of wind

that swirls through me singing

a joy which cannot be grasped

the melody arose.

But wakened to a glimpse of

Dear soul you know not of

how you error with silk remnants,

flashing here and there.

You thought you could grab 

easily, but didn’t have the courage

to pay the price, and so the silken 

belts drift by untied by hands lacking

in the strength of courage.

To weave the silken remnants,

or smell the essence of time and grace

living in the fragments, that only

a master weaver can give name to.

Bobbi –February 2019

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