Watching Snow

We were talking about childhoods filled with Italian Ices 
                                            and other things;
The best were lemon ice that were white like snow 
                                            and never looked like dog piss.
They were in expandable cups like they put mustard
                                              and ketchup in these days.
Each cup had two scoops
                                          and oh yes, lemon was the best.
You’d squeeze the goodness up to the top
                                         and then expand out the cup
Like a stretched out accordion
                                         and lick the rest with cat-tongue motions. I have been watching snow all day now
                                         and how intimately close the flakes come
one to another, or far apart, or on a slant, or like dust
                                          and with just a turn of the head it changes.

Every once in a while I remember the spread out lemon ice cup
                                          and licking up the last bit of ices–
a paper ground, a snow covered ground,

and my eyes lick snowflakes
while drinking almond flavored water
                          and wishing you’d send me roses–white roses.
                                                                     bobbi 2019 


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