My Photos

All photos are my own, unless otherwise stated.  For those of you who think you need a high-powered camera, I did these with a Cannon point and shoot, when I first got away from film and into digital.  Among them are some, which I have turned into graphics in Gimp or Photoshop.  Gimp is free, and I can assure you that for most purposes it is just as good as Photoshop and easier to learn to use (They have a really good manual, which you can download).  I believe that Gimp has made it possible to work with raw photos now as well.

I have a really nice Nikon I bought, but since the car accident I was in, my wrists are not as strong as they were, and I haven’t been doing photography.  I’m planning to get a lighter camera, and start doing more photography really soon here.  It is one of my loves, and I miss it.

Photos are ©Roseroberta  Please do not use them for professional or business purposes.  If you want to use one on your site, please give me credit that links back to my site.  Thank you.

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