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Recently, I had a dream in which I was doing a reading for someone that led into an intuitive coaching session.  It all happened quite spontaneously and unexpectedly.  The person involved and those around were amazed at how accurate what I was saying was.  The dream was so real.  It was almost like a lucid dream. 

In the next part of the dream, people were disturbing the light coming in from my windows and telling me that I should not have my lights on during the Sabbath.  I tried to stop them from trying to block my light, but they were very involved with their rules, as if they should dominate all people. 

It seemed to me that the dream was telling me to trust my intuition and not to let other’s rules disturb my light.  Becoming conscious of this dream and how vivid it had been happened while reading a poem, which someone else wrote.  This sequence of events was very encouraging to me to start doing my intuitive coaching again, which got waylaid by other events in my life such as at working to finish a Masters Program in Creative writing, including a book I wrote for my thesis. I am still putting the finishing touches on my book, and plan to find a publisher in the fall–mostly outside of the country because of the political/spiritual content involved.

How My Journey Began:

I started journaling, doing photography again (a neglected love) and finally went back to school creating at Metro State University here in the Twin Cities a self-designed program called ‘The Psychology of Creative Expression.  During that time, I became certified in Life and Narrative Coaching.  As the process of completing this degree continued, I became more and more interested in how we use metaphor and story in our lives both for the bad and the good. I think that these days it has become very apparent that metaphor can be used in either a positive or a negative manner.

I had been writing metaphorical stories for healing and transformation, since the 90s while I was living in Japan.  In Japan, I became certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis which entailed a lot of study of the work of Milton Erickson.  Erickson’s way of using metaphorical story for healing is said to be the foundation of how Neuro Linguistic Programming came about. He had an amazing ability to take a client’s resistance and turn it around into something useful with people visiting him from many corners of the world.

It only became really clear to me towards the end of my program at Metropolitan University how much story and myth is incorporated into so many realms of our lives, and has been since the time of the cavemen.  I have gone very deeply into the study of metaphor and storytelling.  I remember how differently I thought about things like creative blocks and the negative perspective (story) I had swallowed from society as a whole back then in relationship to writer’s block for one thing.  Now, I have a totally different view, which is more like a simmering pot with a luscious aroma slowly starting to rise, and being able to help others simmer their own unique flavor is one of the benefits of this journey.

I use the word metaphor in a very broad sense which encompasses things like photography, painting and fashion, the traditional forms of metaphors, as well as the metaphorical images and verbiage thrown out at us all the time with meanings given them by the social consciousness of our age—meanings that shift and turn not always for the benefit of all concerned, but become part of our journeys.  For example, what liberal has come to mean compared to the 70s or what healthcare, phone (vs. text), or a million other things conjure up in our mind according to the associations we are taught to attach to them and the times. 

Metaphor is that process of associating certain values of one thing onto another, and it is right there with us when we learn our first words.   If you choose to work with me in person or over the phone, it would give you a chance to use metaphor and story to recreate your life story and myths both in the artistic realm and/or bringing creativity to the dilemmas of daily life!  How is this possible?

I have been creating poetic metaphors, since I was twelve years old spontaneously.  I find the metaphors of our stories can enfold and transform our lives (see my metaphorical stories under categories), but they can also be hard task masters, which can encase us in rooms which don’t have enough windows and doors to see the rest of the house let alone the world at large. 

There is an old story that goes something like this.  The difference between a crazy person and a sane person is that the crazy person does not have doors to all the rooms of his house, and the sane person does. 

Unfortunately, in the recent years of mounting factionalism (and how busy we all are), it seems that more and more people want to seal the doors between the rooms.  I offer a means to opening those doors, so that the functions of the different rooms can harmonize with each other. 

People need a place where they can safely harbor their stories, but also a place to sail their stories into new ports with new adventures in to the world. We live in a society where morals are adrift and where blaming the other and looking for what one disagrees about has, in many cases, become way more important than compromise and what we all have in common.  Shootings, terrorism, political turmoil, unfair business practices, declining educational possibilities fill our heads with all kinds of metaphorical images as we are blasted with them throughout our days. 

I’m after uncovering with you your personal stories in the face of societal metaphors and how they affect you. Being extremely intuitive, I offer you the possibility to look at things from a different perspective where you can sail into unknown waters or familiar waters with a new sense of possibility.  This world does not need more sameness, or political correctness, which has not served us as a society.  We need change makers, and that change needs the ripples of all of us step by step striving towards our greatest potential, even in the small things we do every day. 


Further Words about my Intuitive Coaching:   If you are interested in how I can help you create more possibility in your life through coaching and story, I am open to discussing this with you. I believe you will find it an enriching and rewarding experience. Just contact me through the contact form link at top. Coaching is not counseling in the sense it is present to future focused and believes you already have the answers inside of yourself, but may need some tools to help you access them.

It is looking at your personal own myths and journey.  Sometimes this means reframing things into a larger story or context, and sometimes it is finding the means to access our gifts in situations where we feel stymied.   We all have them. Life is an ongoing process. 

This is how I am structuring my fees:

Three foundation sessions are $120.  Individual sessions are $60. If you earnestly have financial restraints from illness, loss of a job or you are a student, etc., please let me know.  I’d like to figure out a way to make my sessions possible for you.  If you refer people who do three foundation sessions, I will offer you a free session. I also do sessions over the phone, for those who are outside of MN, or we have trouble scheduling face to face time.

With Much Respect For Your Continuing Journey!

Roseroberta ‘Bobbi’ Pauling

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