What a jump in awareness and incentive Bobbi facilitated in our first session!  She helped me open doors leading to clear goals and lay down the first stepping-stones.  The follow-up and support continued to shine light on my realizing the most effective game plan.  Her ability to listen objectively with true presence helped to bring out the true me.                                                                                                           ~Noelle Paulson

I worked with Bobbi when a lot of healer’s were practicing together.  I told Bobbi something which was troubling me.  Bobbi got me to relax and told me a metaphorical story she made up on the spot.  It really worked.  She never advised me about what I should do.  She just asked a lot of questions and then let the story set the scene for me figuring it out on my own.  I know it sounds strange, but just let her do it with you, and you will see what I mean.                                                                                            ~Anonymous

I found working with Bobbi helped me break through on some difficult points I was having in my relationship with my grown daughter.  As a result, I was better able to deal with a really difficult situation.  In just a few sessions, I found insights and abilities which I had not tapped into welling up, which I could put to good use to change some patterns in how things had developed.                                                                   ~Barbara Young

At the end of our coaching session, Bobbi made up a metaphorical story for me on the spot.  I have never seen anyone do what she did before, and I loved it. ~Jean M.

Working with Bobbi compels one to focus and consider things you may not have thought of.  They could be really simply things, but they bring a lot of needed clarity, which makes a difference.  It really made me think, and I want to do more.          ~ E.M. Sooter

Bobbi Rocks!  She really knows how to ask powerful questions.  ~Anonymous

I'm interested in hearing people's ideas about metaphors and to post other people's metaphors as well as my own!

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